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Of robust software, innovative designs and effective strategies for your business.

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We analyze your market and operations to make sure that the solutions we recommend are the best option for your organization.


We use the latest trends in programming, technology, design and business to create original and effective solutions.


We provide the necessary training and support so that your organization can adopt the new solutions seamlessly.


We build unique digital experiences for your industry.

We investigate your end users and design a website that is optimal for them. By using design thinking and the latest trends in graphic design we are able to make modern interfaces that add value to the user’s experience.

100% responsive, móvil y web.

We design websites with a mobile first approach. to make sure that they deliver an ideal experience across all devices.

Design and Technical excellence.

We offer a variety of solutions including static websites, E-commerce, and highly customizable content management systems (CMS). All of our websites are built in the lightest way possible to maximize speed and reduce hosting costs.

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Digital Marketing

We mix the creativity of an artist, the analytical skills of an engineer, the business strategies of an entrepreneur, and the logic of a programmer.

This allows us to solve problems with a different approach and to innovate sustainably.

Design and branding

Strengthen your brand’s identity. with a well defined brand strategy and clear value propositions that will make you stand out from the competition.


We improve your source code structure and create the right content. to increase your website’s organic traffic. This enables your customers to find you more easily and increases your site’s ranking in Google.

Pay Per Click

We create and manage campaigns through Google ads, Bing, Facebook, amongst other mediums. We help you reach your audience with the right message at the right time.

Social Media and Content Creation

we manage the interaction with your online communities through various social media channels. including Facebook, linkedin, youtube, instagram, and others. We empathize with your audience to understand their motivations and create content that truly captivates them.

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Application Development

We develop custom software in-house using modern programming languages and agile methodologies.

Our apps are 100% customized and can encompass even the most remote use cases.All our software is designed in a modular way which allows you to add new features after launching without any issues. We also make sure that our apps are scalable, meaning your traffic can increase from 1 user to a million without requiring any changes in the source code, and without hindering performance.

Web Aplications

We build business apps (for internal or external users), portals, and advanced back-ends for your websites.

Mobile Apps

We build native apps for Android, IOS and windows. Our front-ends are modern, clean, and provide a seamless user experience.


We build agnostic APIs (REST or SOAP). to Interconnect your applications or give them advanced functionalities through use of external services.

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Languages: Python, Java, Javascript, C++, C#, HTML/CSS

Cloud Services &

Optimize your operations and reduce your IT expenses.

by leveraging the best design practices in cloud architecture, including microservices and service oriented architecture SOA, we can help you reduce costs and improve productivity.

Infrastructure and Hosting

We offer hosting services that are robust, flexible, scalable and cost effective. We use new technology like serverless architecture that allow you to pay only for what you use, and CDN (content delivery network) which increases the availability and performance of your apps.


We take care of organizing and migrating data from your legacy systems to the cloud. in the most effective way for your use case. Additionally, we offer monitoring, maintenance and backup services.

G Suite - Corporate emails and more

We offer corporate email services with gmail amongst the other organizational tools from Google. These tools include office software similar to word, excel, powerpoint, etc. and many other tools to help you collaborate effectively with your team.

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Reduce your response times, errors, and operating expenses.

We generate software that emulates and supports your business processes., allowing you to measure, control and automate processes until you reach your maximum efficiency.

BPM Business Process Management

Helps you emulate your business processes with software where you can assign roles, set rules and begin generating data.It is an effective way to digitize and begin automating your business processes. Some use cases for BPM include:

  • Human resource processes
  • Customer onboarding
  • Case management

RPA Robotic Process Automation

Is an appropriate solution for automating repetitive computer tasks that waste human capital. It’s also an effective solution for integrating or migrating legacy systems that don't have APIs. Some use cases for RPA include:

  • Integrations with legacy systems
  • Accounting processes
  • Data collection and analysis

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Want to learn more about digitalization?

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About Us

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Torus was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing a one stop shop of digital solutions and with the ideology that the customer doesn't need to know about technology to have a successful implementation.

Our team consists of business analysts that know about programming and programers that know about business. This way, we completely liberate our customers from the technical part.

We are mainly a software development agency but we are also consultants, creatives, designers and strategists. Hence we are able to tackle large projects without losing the line between the idea, the design and the product.

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  1. Security Every update or implementation has to make your systems equally or more secure than before.
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  3. Efficiency Every update and implementation should increase productivity or reduce operating costs.
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  5. Agility All projects must be executed in an agile way that minimizes the time to market.
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  7. Documentation Every update and implementation must be well documented in a format easy to understand.

Our Process

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of perfectionists united by a passion for technology. When required, we merge with your organization and dive into your operations. Because of this, we are able to offer the benefits of an in-house team with the costs and speed of outsourced projects.

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Gabriel Kardonski

Solutions Architect

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Lucas Kardonski

Marketing Director

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Humberto Torres

Senior Developer

Contact Us

Calle 56 Este con Ave Samuel Lewis, Edificio PDC, Oficina 19-A2, Urb. Obarrio, Panamá
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We compile data from your industry, competitors, users and business processes in order to recommend the best solutions for your particular use case. If you don't have data, we will help you implement the required components to start generating it. We use powerful tools like probabilistic models, simulations, and we generate clear indicators that will give you a precise picture of your organization in terms of what is working and what needs to be improved.

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We use the agile methodology to separate the project into a series of independent functional modules which customers can test, and provide feedback. This way we can speed up the time to market and deploy high quality solutions, that satisfy our customer’s wishes, without any delays.


We train your team so they can get to know the new software and they learn to operate/administrate it in the most effective way. We also provide detailed, well organized documentation and user friendly manuals so that users, admins, and future developers are never lost during administration or in an update.

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TWe take all the required precautions so that our implementations are always working perfectly and our customers never experience down time; but in any case, we offer support almost 24/7.